Steve Utke's Data and Code Site

This page includes data and code from my research

Data and Code:

Structural Equation Modeling Code - Disclosure and Cost of Capital (written in Mplus)

SEM Scaled Chi-Square Test of Relative Fit Across Nested Models (Excel)

Propensity Score Matching with Weighted Least Squares (written in SAS)

Audit Specialist Tenure Computation from Gaver and Utke (TAR 2019) (written in SAS)

Compustat Auditor Variable Correction 2001-2014 (Adv in Acct 2018) (written in SAS)

Compustat Auditor Variable Correction for Observations not in 2018 Article (SAS code)

Coverage includes: TBD

In Progress

Excel File for use with Appendix A of 2018 Article

In Progress

VC-Backed Startup Organizational Form Choice Selection/Calculation Templates

Ignoring Hot Assets (Excel)

Ignoring Hot Assets, Including Carry (Excel)

Full Model (Excel)

In Progress

Full Model, including Carry (Excel)

In Progress